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Our workshops give your organization an infusion of collaborative inspiration. Through a variety of experiential activities and exercises, we help your team build deeper access to group intelligence, strengthen social bonds, and learn techniques for effective creative problem solving. Participants will get a clear understanding of what behaviors foster effective communication and collaboration  – trust, spontaneity, listening, playfulness, agreement - and how they can translate this into their everyday interactions with their team.

  • Improve team culture

  • Deepen understanding of interpersonal power dynamics

  • Enhance self-awareness in group setting


Many people, despite their best efforts, have intense fear of public speaking. It is said to be the 2nd most common fear. In our world of nonstop technological stimulation, we forget that effective communication requires slowing down, fully showing up in the moment, and listening. Discover how to manage the nerves that threaten to undermine you, how to crush your internal critique, and how to confidently hold your personal space with ease and presence. Learn to listen, allow yourself to be seen, and build trust in your communications.

  • More dynamic presentations

  • Better networking

  • Stimulate collaboration


We believe that everyone is creative in the right environment. We tend to think that only a special few possess creativity, but this is a myth. Innovation is not born of intense labored concentration as we have been taught to think, but out of a sense of freedom to make mistakes. In order to succeed you must be willing to take risks, and get out of your own way so that your creativity can flow. Learn to get ideas on the table first, and edit second. Learn how to approach your thoughts and ideas with a sense of play!

  • Increase innovation

  • Increase risk-taking

  • Increase confidence


Joyful’s communication exercises provided the perfect blend for our team – fun & challenging. She took us out of our comfort zones, taught us how to examine our interactions, and use what we found to improve our collaboration.
— Ethan Kanat Creative Director Zendesk