Where do the workshops take place?

We come to your workplace. A large conference room or classroom works well, depending on the number of participants.

How many people can you accommodate?

Most of our workshops can accommodate large groups, however our ideal number is under 50 (with Acting for Non-Actors capped at 25.) Pricing may change for groups over 50 people. Contact us to discuss options.

What if our office is too small?
Can we meet somewhere else?

We can arrange to rent a local studio to accommodate Half Day or Full Day Retreats.
A surcharge will be added in that case.


Do participants need prior acting experience?

Not at all! We love working with everyone, regardless of prior experience or creative inclination.
All that is required is a willingness to take risks and play.


What should people wear to class?

Normal business attire is fine, however clothes that allow free movement are ideal.

Can you accommodate persons with disabilities?


Contact us with specific questions.