Joyful Simpson, founder

Joyful is an actress, writer, and performance coach who leads unique team building and story telling workshops for businesses and institutions. Born into an entertainment family, she has been performing professionally since childhood. 

Joyful studied theater and dance at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, and earned an MFA in Dramatic Art from UC Davis. While at Davis she spearheaded a leadership training program using improv and story telling for the Graduate School of Management. She went on to create a  similar program at Florida International University in Miami and travels throughout the United States leading workshops. She holds regular improv and story telling classes for business professionals at the Berkeley Rep school Theater and Mill Valley Theater Company. 

Joyful is an accomplished performer and writer. She studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, appeared alongside Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness, and her ensemble theater troupe Rococo Risqué named Best Theater Ensemble by SF Weekly. Her award winning solo comedy recently returned from a sold out run in NYC and will be headed to Los Angeles in June. 


We believe that everyone is creative in the right environment. We tend to think that only a special few possess creativity, but this is a myth. Innovation is not born of intense labored concentration as we have been taught to think, but out of a sense of freedom to make mistakes. In order to succeed you must be willing to take risks, and get out of your own way so that your creativity can flow. Learn to get ideas on the table first, and edit second. Learn how to approach your thoughts and ideas with a sense of play!


Our workshops give your organization an infusion of collaborative inspiration. There is no better way to create social glue than through improvisational theater exercises. We all know the intoxicating feeling of being “in the zone,” where time slows down and we become fully present. Imagine being in a room full of peers and colleagues sharing this experience together! During our workshops you will learn to SAY YES to each other’s ideas, and trust the collective intelligence of the group.


Many people, despite their best efforts, have intense fear of public speaking. It is said to be the 3rd most common fear. In our world of nonstop technological stimulation, we forget that effective communication requires slowing down, fully showing up in the moment, and listening. Discover how to manage the nerves that threaten to undermine you, how to crush your internal critique, and how to confidently hold your personal space with ease and presence. Learn to listen, allow yourself to be seen, and build trust in your communications.

Dealing with language barriers

We specialize in working with individuals for whom English is a second language. The feedback we have received affirms the power of acting and improv training to significantly improve our ability to communicate with confidence and clarity, across language barriers. Though our workshops are conducted in English, we welcome international students and business leaders of all kinds.

“Usually, I have fear of public speaking or speaking in front of a crowd. But because of the games we play, and the interactions I have with my classmates, the fear has dissipated and it was as if I never had the fear of speaking in front of the classroom.“
— MBA Student